Selling my 1970 F250 CS

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Selling my 1970 F250 CS

Postby Clunker » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:07 pm

I am very reluctantly selling my girl. I swore I would never sell her, but money is too tight, and I have to let her go. If anyone out there can appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears I put into this truck, it would be the members of this forum. It is a 1970 F250 camper special RWD with a lot of mild modifications, some of which I have done myself, and others that were done by previous owners. It has the highest weight classification for a 1970 F250 (7,500 GVWR). Here is a list of details.

- Rebuilt 360 with approximately 35-50K miles (probably taller pistons when rebuilt because it has way too much power)
- C6 transmission with B&M floor shifter and 3.73 rear end.
- Rebuilt heads with hardened valve seats
- RV cam (I think). A PO installed dual valve springs during the rebuild, so I'm betting it has a mild cam upgrade
- Long tube headers
- Edelbrock Performer 390 intake
- Holley 600 carburetor
- Dual fuel tanks
- Pertronix II electronic ignition with Flamethrower coil
- New distributor
- Newer reupholstered bench seat (no rips/tears)
- New brakes (pads, calipers, drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, and booster)
- Sport-Comp gauges
- All-aluminum radiator (pulled 1,000 lbs up a steep grade in 95-degree heat without breaking a sweat)
- Parts included: 390 crank and rods, stock steering wheel in great shape, misc. badging, etc.
- Mostly straight body with some dings, scratches, and a dent on the hood.
- Very little surface rust except for the floorboards
- Chrome and aluminum are complete and in great shape

As with all trucks of this vintage, there are some issues that should be addressed. You can see daylight through the floorboards, but a set of new floor pans are included. The transmission has a leak, but a new pan gasket is included. There is a throttle hesitation that I've narrowed down to vapor lock, bad fuel pump, or vacuum leak. Hoping to have that fixed soon. Passenger door lock is somehow disconnected. The key turns but it does not lock/unlock and must be done from inside the cab. I will attach pics within a day or two. Located in Eastern WA State, but I can probably arrange delivery. I prefer contact via email or text, so I don't have to use talk minutes. PM for email or phone number.
1970 F250 CS: 360, RV cam, Edelbrock Performer 390 intake, Holley 600, headers, Pertronix II, Flamethrower coil.

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Re: Selling my 1970 F250 CS

Postby magic bus » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:01 pm

Did you have a price in mind?
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