Heavy duty sliding hammer

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Heavy duty sliding hammer

Postby hillcountryflt » Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:38 am

Don't have pictures to support this tool, but here are the components. I had an axle on my 71 f100 that would not come out. The 5 lb sliding hammers from the parts stores did not even phase this axle. The reverse drum held on with bolts was just an exercise in futility. Was running out of options from my perspective. An old-timer at car renovating said this is the approach he used and it worked on the fifth slide:
1. 36 inch all thread, 3/4 inch bolt;
2. three nuts for that bolt;
3. three large washers;
4. the critical part - a 25 pound tractor weight (that's what he called it and he loaned it to me).

Put one nut and washer on the all-thread and run them up about 2 inches on the bar. Insert all-thread through the hole in the axle plate used for accessing the nuts holding to the axle housing.
Put on another washer and nut on the back-side to hold the all thread to the access hole. Tighten down to a reasonable degree.
Slide the heavy weight onto the assembly and place the third washer and nut on the opposite end of the all thread (might need a bigger washer than normal here depending on the opening on your weight).
You know have a heavy duty sliding hammer.
Straddle the "sliding hammer" facing the truck.
Grip weight and "throw" it down the all thread away from the truck.
Took five efforts on my stuck axle to pull it out.
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Re: Heavy duty sliding hammer

Postby ToughOldFord » Thu Oct 30, 2014 9:32 pm

Good tip, thanks for sharing. :thup:

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