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CVF Racing - Ford 429/460 V-Belt Pulley System - Thumbs Up

Postby mnkeeking » Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:07 pm

I want to give the guys and gals at CVF Racing ( a shout out for a great product and great customer service. They have a website or you can find them on ebay. I recently purchased and installed their p/n 460-ALT-SYSTEM-L, which is a complete V-belt pulley system for 429/460s. It bolted right up like it was made for my particular motor. When you order, you can choose how many grooves you want on each pulley. I wanted only one, to clean up my motor, and because I am only running a water pump and alternator. You can also choose under/over drive pulley sizes. I paid about $275 for the whole thing delivered, and what arrived in the box were very carefully packaged pulleys and brackets. March Performance offers a couple of kits for the 460, a V-belt and a serpentine. Their V-belt system was $100 more than CVF and their kit only offers a high-mount alternator option. CVF says all their stuff is made in the USA, something that's getting harder to find. Very heavy-duty stuff. They don't offer a powder-coated set, at least not for the 460. If you want to keep your alternator mounted low, this is certainly the kit to get. My kit was missing two spacers, and when I contacted CVF, the spacers arrived the next day. If you get a bit confused, like I'm prone to do, the sales rep will help you, as he did for me, explaining the practical differences between under and over drive pulleys. The rep even wrote that he had a 460 in his vehicle and explained which system he was running and why. The alternator fan that was included in the kit would not turn because of the way the alternator is made, and when I asked about that my rep offered advice on modding it to fit. BTW, getting the fan off of an alternator is a PITA.

I will do business with this company again, and I recommend them to anyone looking for pulleys, brackets, etc.
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Re: CVF Racing - Ford 429/460 V-Belt Pulley System - Thumbs Up

Postby Abrams » Sun Aug 10, 2014 12:45 am

I too have used CVF pulley systems.
I got an entire "pulley system" for my 460. It had pulleys, mounts, bolts and brackets. It even came with instructions I could understand... It cost me about 400$ or so delivered for everything. The people I spoke with were really helpful and the parts themselves are just beautifully made. Shipping took a couple of weeks because of a back log or something but Id buy from them again.

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