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Broader Performance - Thumbs Up

Postby mnkeeking » Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:02 pm

I ordered a C6 master rebuild kit from Broader Performance recently. Before I ordered I had questions, because the kit is $400. Each time I called and left a message, my call was returned quite promptly. Email took a bit longer, but still within 24 hours, and all my questions were answered. I know it's a small-time operation and the owner is also the worker, so I really appreciated the sometimes 20+ minute phone conversations. They even contacted me with their own questions about my tranny as they were putting the kit together to make sure I got the right parts. This is an enormous kit and contained everything I needed for the rebuild plus more. The real jewel here, though, is the tech book they send with each kit explaining upgrade mods and procedures. While this stuff may be common knowledge to rebuilders, it's really nice that Broader puts it all together, with pictures, and sends it with the kit. The tech book is very easy to follow, and has detailed information about how and why you'd want to make the mods. I made all my mods with hand tools and a small drill press. They ask that after you've purchased the kit that you not disseminate the tech book or I'd post it here. I even had a 15 minute talk with the owner about torque convertors, and his no-nonsense approach and explanation were very helpful.

I recommend Broader Performance C6 rebuild kits. Customer service was fantastic. These guys walk the walk and will answer questions mid-build if you need help. I can only speak about the kit I bought, but based on that experience I would not hesitate to purchase anything this company offers. They're based out of Texas.

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Re: Broader Performance - Thumbs Up

Postby Broncobilly66 » Sun Jun 30, 2013 4:55 pm

I agree totally.
I got reverse manual C6 valve body from them for my rock crawler bronco. Great service
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