New: 'Ford Auto Transmission Warning Decal Origins'

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New: 'Ford Auto Transmission Warning Decal Origins'

Postby FORDification » Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:07 pm

Have you ever seen those warning decals in 1970s-era Ford cars and trucks which warned the driver about making sure the transmission was in Park?


Have you ever wondered what the story was behind these decals?

Well, wonder no more. I've just posted an article excerpted from a book which explains in pretty explicit detail how Ford was the subject of many lawsuits in the '70s over vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions slipping out of the Park position and into Reverse, causing personal/property damage, and the lawsuits which followed. This in turn led to Ford issuing letters and warning decals to owners of 1970-1980 Ford vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions.

This is a must-read for everyone here, not only for the safety alert, but for the historical significance. :thup:

Ford Automatic Transmission Warning Decal Origins

This article is linked to from the following sources:
- Tech Articles Index
- Tech Articles - Engine/Transmission
- Safety Recalls - #81V008000

Any discussion of this article should be directed to the thread in the Announcement section:
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