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Steering Column Parts Differences


Under Construction - Last Update: 01/01/10

NOTE: Items listed might have other applications (other than '67-'72 F100/350 models) that are not included here.

The part numbers and specifications shown at the Steering Column parts numbers page are as reported in the 1964-1972 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog 1975 Final Issue. However, some of those numbers are not representative of the original factory parts, since some parts had been deemed obsolete by the time the '75 Final Issue catalog was released, and by that time some parts had been replaced by other service parts which, though fit and functioned as the originals, did not have the same appearance as the originals.

Specifically, the pieces we're discussing include:

  • the horn ring
  • the horn button
  • the turn signal lever

From the factory, all '67 horn rings and buttons were chrome-plated (a one-year-only item for the '67s), while the '68-'70 horn rings buttons had an argent (satin) finish.

1967 1968-1970

Fig. 01

Fig. 02 - '67 Horn button with chrome finish

Fig. 02

Fig. 03 - '67 Horn ring
with chrome finish

Fig. 04 - '68-'70 Horn
button with argent finish

Fig. 05 - '68-'70 Horn ring
with argent finish

By the time the 1975 Final Issue MPC was released, the '67 chrome horn rings and buttons had been replaced as service parts with the argent-finish '68-'70 pieces. But by looking in the individual parts catalogs for each individual year, we can get the original information:

13A805 - Button, Horn (1967)
(as reported in the 1967 Ford Truck Parts Catalog)
  '67 F100/350 Standard Cab C3TZ-13A805-B Button - "Ford"
  '67 F100/350 Custom Cab C3DZ-13A805-C Horn ring - includes (1) emblem
13A805 - Button, Horn (1968)
(as reported in the 1968 Ford Truck Parts Catalog)
  '68 F100/350 Standard Cab C3TZ-13A805-C Button - "Ford"
  '68 F100/350 Custom Cab C3DZ-13A805-D Horn ring - includes (1) emblem

I don't currently have a '69 Parts Catalog, so I can't look up the numbers for 1969. For the '70 model year, the parts catalog was in two volumes, with the horn button/ring information being listed in Volume 2, which I don't currently have, but has just been purchased and is currently enroute, so this info will be posted shortly.

The January 1975 O.S.I. Catalog shows C3DZ-13A805-C (chrome horn ring), C3TZ-13A805-B (chrome horn button) C3TZ-13A805-C (argent-finish horn button) as being replaced with C3DZ-13A805-D (argent-finish horn ring) as a service replacement.

As delivered from the factory, all '67-'69 F100/350 trucks had a turn signal lever (C7TZ-13305-A - Fig. 06 and 07) with a painted stem (color-matched to interior color) and a black fluted knob (Group 7213). However, by the time the '75 Final Issue MPC was issued, this turn signal lever had been rendered obsolete, and future service replacements used the '70-'72 chromed piece.

13305 - Lever Assembly, Turn Signal
(as reported in the 1967 and 1968 Ford Truck Parts Catalogs)
  '67-'68 F100/350 C7TZ-13305-A Black knob

Fig. 06 - 1967-1969

Fig. 07 - 1967-1969

The original part number (C7TZ-13305-A) is shown in the January 1972 O.S.I. catalog (which includes numbers which have been changed between 1/1/67 and 10/31/72) as being replaced with C6OZ-13305-B.

The January 1975 O.S.I. catalog shows that by July 1975 D0AZ-13305-A became the standard service replacement, replacing the following turn signal lever part numbers:

  • C6OZ-13305-B (Mix with D0AZ-A)
  • C7TZ-13305-A
  • C8AZ-13305-B (Mix with D0AZ-A)
  • C9TZ-13305-A
  • D3TZ-13305-A


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