January 1971 - December 1971

Bulletin No. 6 - November 26, 1971

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  • Article 65 - Wind Noise / Water Leak
      I - Ford/Mercury
      II - Stationary Glass Installation
      III - Lincoln
      IV - Road Test
      V - Wind Noise and Water Leaks Labor Time Schedule
      VI - Parts List

The information in this publication pertains to potential wind noise and/or water leaks which may be found on some of the early produced 1972 Ford, Mercury and Lincoln car lines. General information proved in the 1969 training handbooks titled, "Diagnosis and Repair of Wind Noise and Water Leaks" (Form No. 21009), and "Door and Window Adjustments and Unique Wind Noise Problem Areas" (Form 7923-69), apply to the 1972 car lines.

If wind noise is encountered, the vehicle must be road tested and all wind noise areas carefully identified (a wind noise diagnosis procedure is provided in this bulletin). If water leaks are encountered, the vehicle must be water tested and all water leak areas carefully identified. Prior to performing any repair outlined in this bulletin, check door and window alignments. If adjustments are required, refer to the 1972 Car Shop manual, sections 42 and 44.

The information in the bulletin is devided into six sections. Section I applies to potential wind noise/water leak areas which may affect the 1971-72 Ford and Mercury car lines. Section II applies to stationary window installations on station wagons and on car lines with weather strip installed windshields and backlites. Section III applies to the potential wind/water leak areas which may affect the 1971-72 Lincoln vehicles. Section IV provides the recommended road test/diagnosis procedure. Section V provides te Labor Time applicable to the various repair procedures. Section VI provides a complete Parts List for the specified repair procedures.