Article 971 - Electric Clock Failure

TSB #56 - December 16, 1966
(1967 Ford, Fairlane and Mustang)

Analysis of electric clock assemblies returned from the field discloses that many are being replaced that subsequently are found to be non-defective. In many cases the cause of malfunction has been found to be inadequate grounding of the clock assembly to the instrument cluster. Loss of ground can be caused by either incorrect mounting screw torque, the use of incorrect mounting screws or the combination of both.

Before attempting clock replacement make certain that the correct mounting screws have been used and that proper torque has been applied in mounting the clock assembly in the instrument cluster.

The following is the approved mounting screw usage and torque requirements.

Ford52784-S84*8 to 12 inch lbs.
Fairlane381654-S36210 to 15 inch lbs.
Mustang52718-S8210 to 15 inch lbs.

* 2 screws are used to attach clock to mounting plate, 2 screws are used to attach mounting plate to instrument cluster