Article 959 - 1967 Ignition Coil Service Precaution

TSB #52 - December 2, 1966
(1967 Eight Cylinder Passenger Units)

Push-on type terminal connectors are used to attach both primary leads to the ignition coil on all 1967 eight cylinder passenger units. Previously, the distributor lead wire could be distinguished by the fact that its terminal connector was an eyelet attached with a retaining nut. On all 1967 eight cylinder passenger units the distributor lead wire is the BLACK and significantly finer wire of the pair.

When replacing the ignition coil be careful to distinguish the two primary coil leads and to avoid a reverse connection. Although a unit will run with a reverse connection, reversed ignition system polarity limits the available secondary voltage and overloads the coil and spark plugs thus causing premature failure.

To connect a Dwell-Tach meter to the engine, use a jumper wire with an eyelet connector applied under the distributor push-on type terminal connector. This must be removed following service.