Article 943 - New Spark Plugs

TSB #51 - November 18, 1966
(All 1967 Trucks)

All 1967 truck engines will be equipped with radio-resistance fiberglass strip and fold back design spark plug wires in place of the steel core conductor used in the previous years.

The correct procedure in removing these wires is to grasp the spark plug boot by hand (no tools may be used) and rotate in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction to free the boot from the spark plug insulator. The boot and plug wire can then be removed by pulling on the boot. At no time should radio resistance spark plug wires be removed by pulling on the wire itself; this method of removal may result in damage to the wire termination which would eventually cause spark plug misfire.
In addition, spark plug wires or boots must not be probed for engine timing purposes as this causes high voltage leaks.