Article 945 - Excessive Accelerator Pedal Effort or Insufficient Open Throttle

TSB #51 - November 18, 1966
(1966-67 Econoline with 240 CID Engines)

Excessive accelerator pedal effort or inability to obtain wide open throttle on the subject vehicles may be caused by an incorrectly located accelerator bell-crank assembly.
This condition can be corrected by positioning the bellcrank assembly closer to the accelerator pedal providing additional pedal travel.
    1. Remove the engine splash pan.
    2. Remove the floor mat.
    3. Remove the bellcrank mounting bolts.
    4. Elongate the mounting holes to obtain a 7-3/8" dimension between the front mounting bolt of the bellcrank assembly and the centerline of the accelerator pedal mounting bolt. (See Illus. SI 147-A).
    NOTE: On units equipped with Automatic Transmissions disconnect the kickdown linkage before adjusting to the new dimension.
    5. Tighten all bolts, readjust accelerator cable and check for wide open throttle (With automatic - adjust kick-down linkage and connect to transmission).
    6. Apply sealer to floor pan opening around the mounting bolts and reassemble.

Oper: SP-9732-A67
Time: 0.9 hrs. (includes time for adjustment of automatic kickdown linkage.