Article 946 - Steering Shaft upper U-Joint Maintenance

TSB #51 - November 18, 1966
(1966½ W Series)

Because the universal joint on some 1966½ W Series trucks was improperly installed, it is not possible to lubricate the upper universal joint until the joint has first been rotated 180° so that the grease fitting points downward. The universal joint on all units produced after May 27, 1966 was positioned so that the grease fitting points downward.

The following procedure is the correct way to rotate the universal joint so that it can be lubricated:
    1. Disconnect the flex coupling from the steering gear input shaft.
    2. Remove the trailer brake and the turn indicator switch assemblies from steering column.
    3. Remove steering column flange to floor pan attaching bolts.
    4. Remove steering column to instrument panel attaching bolts.
    5. Remove the steering wheel, column, upper and lower yoke and shaft assemblies as a unit.
    6. Remove the snap rings and cups from the upper yoke and shaft universal joint.
    7. Rotate the universal joint 180° so that the grease fitting will be pointed down.
    8. For installation reverse the procedure.
    9. Grease the affected universal joint.

Oper: SP-3600-A67 Time: 1.0 hrs.