Article 947 - Dana Rear Axle Cover Leaks

TSB #51 - November 18, 1966
(F100/350; P350/400; P3500/4000)

The Technical Service Bulletin number 684 is superseded in its entirety by the following:

To resolve complaints of rear axle (inspection) cover leakage on the noted models equipped with Dana rear axles, an improved cover and gasket is available and should be utilized on problem vehicles. The revised cover is a ribbed design to prevent buckling or dimpling of the flange due to bolting. Refer to Chart 1 for the model application and part number information. The new material was incorporated in production vehicles approximately November 1, 1965.

To insure correct sealing on replacement of the cover it should be noted that when the improved cover and gasket are installed, they should be installed as a set, 1 cover and 1 gasket.

TruckAxleCode*CoverClassGasketClassCover Bolt Torque
F-10060-2A9, C5C6TZ-4033-ACC5TZ-4036-AA25-30 ft. lbs.
60B4, B5 B6, 24 25, 26C6TZ-4033-ACC5TZ-40 36-AA25-30 ft. lbs.
7022, 23, 29C1TZ-4033-ACC1TZ-4036-AA25-30 ft. lbs.
* Rear axle model code is stamped on the warranty plate and ownercard