Article 948 - Gear Jump-Out 5th & 10th Speeds - Fuller RT-910 Transmission

TSB #51 - November 18, 1966
(Heavy and Extra-Heavy Trucks)

Gear jumpout occurring in 5th and 10th speed ranges with the subject transmission is attributed to incorrect 4-5 shift yoke springs. The correct shift yoke springs are:

LocationFuller Part #Spring RateColorFord P & A #
Reverse & First
Second & Third
554970-80 lb.RedB8QH-7234-A
or 4446018
Fourth & Fifth285790-110 lb.BlackC1TT-7219-A

On problems of this nature, check for correct color coding of the springs and install the correct spring where necessary.
    • Remove the four transmission tower attachment bolts and lay tower to one side.
    • Inspect or replace 4-5 shift yoke spring.
    • Clean gasket surface, install gasket and cover.

Oper: Inspect or replace shift yoke spring SP7219-A-66
Time: 0.4 hrs.