Article 951 - Stop Light Switch Installation Procedures

TSB #51 - November 18, 1966
(1967 F-100/350)

Improper installation of the stop light switch could result in a continuous glow of the stop lights without applying pressure to the brake pedal.

When installing a stop light switch it is essential to assure correct installation for proper operation. The possibility exists of misalignment causing a continuous glow of the light without application of the brake pedal.

The correct procedure for attaching the stop light switch to the master cylinder and the brake pedal is outlined in the following steps. (Refer to Illus. S1146-A):
    1. Apply a light coat of lubricant (C1AZ-19590-B) to both the O.D. and I.D. of bushing (C5DZ-2474-A) and install in the master cylinder push rod.
    2. Place one spacer (C5DZ-2B129-A) on the shoulder bolt, install stop light switch over push rod, and insert the shoulder bolt through the switch and push rod.
    3. Place the second spacer (C5DZ-2B129-A) over the shoulder of the bolt and lightly tape in place with masking or transparent tape.
    NOTE: Taping the second spacer is important to assure that the spacer does not slip off the shoulder; this could result in the switch being installed in a cocked position, causing the stop light switch to remain on with no brake application.
    4. Insert the shoulder bolt through the brake pedal and retain with the self locking nut.