Article 952 - Cab Air Vents - Sticking or Binding

TSB #51 - November 18, 1966
(1967 F-100 thru F-350)

Reports have been received of severe sticking or binding cab air vents, C7TZ-8102105-CW (L.H.), C7TZ-8102104-C (R. H.). This condition may be caused by bent sheet metal on the body side cowl.

On a customer complaint basis, this can be corrected by removing the vent and bumping out the sheet metal until all vent contact areas are flat:
    a. Remove the parking brake assembly and air vent slide door assembly
    b. Use a rubber hammer to bump cowl sheet metal inward for all contact areas
    c. Reassemble the air vent and parking brake assembly

Oper: SP-02105-A-67
Time: 0.3 hr.