Article 934 - Hard Hot Starting

TSB #50 - November 4, 1966
(1967 Units with 4300 Design Carburetor - 289-4V, 390-4V non-GT, 428-4V)

Customer complaints of difficulty in starting a warm subject engine may be caused by improper adjustment of the carburetor fuel bowl vent. At idle, a 1/16 inch gap should exist between the fuel vent valve and the carburetor air horn to allow normal fuel vapors to escape. Without proper clearance, excessive fuel vapors will enter the engine causing a hard hot starting complaint.

To adjust this valve clearance, bend the tab on the vent valve lever at the location indicated in Illus. S1135. Bending the tab outward will decrease the vent valve gap. CAUTION: Do not bend the vent valve arm to obtain the specified clearance.