Article 935 - Hard Cold Starting - Air Cleaner to Choke Plate Interference

TSB #50 - November 4, 1966
(1967 Thunderbird)

We have encountered a very few instances of hard cold starting on 1967 Thunderbird units caused by the air cleaner cover holding the choke plate open (choke inoperative). This interference can occur if the center attachment cavity in the air cleaner cover is domed rather than flat. (Illus. S1136) This condition allows the outer diameter of this cavity to enter the path of the choke plate and restrict its operation.

This interference can be best verified by removing the air cleaner cover from a cold problem unit and performing a normal cold engine start. If this action corrects the starting problem, rework the air cleaner cover as follows:
    1. Place a large 3/8 drive socket on a work table with the drive end up.
    2. Position the cover over the socket with the attachment hole extrusion placed in the drive end of the socket. (Illus. S1137)
    3. Flatten the cover attachment cavity over the socket using a small hammer.
Illus. S1136
Illus. S1137