Article 936 - Stall on Transmission Engagement - Cold Engine

TSB #50 - November 4, 1966
(All 1967 Units with 4300 Design Carburetor - 289-4V, 390-4V non-GT, 428-4V)

Customers with subject units may complain of stall on transmission engagement following initial cold engine startup. The most probable cause of this complaint is an engine fast idle speed which is below the recommended specification. Use the following procedure to identify and correct this problem cause:
    1. Start the engine with a tachometer connected.
    2. Place the fast idle adjustment screw on the intermediate (kick-down) step of the plastic fast idle cam.
    3. Adjust the fast idle speed as required.
  • BASE ENGINE - The fast idle speed must be 1200 RPM.
  • THERMACTOR ENGINE - The fast idle speed must be 1400 RPM.