Article 940 - Low Top Speed and/or No Carburetor Dechoke

TSB #50 - November 4, 1966

A problem cause very often overlooked in diagnosing the subject customer complaint is that of throttle linkage (cable or rod type) adjustment. This adjustment should, in fact, be the initial step in the diagnosis of this complaint to avoid unnecessary corrective efforts. Improper adjustment not only limits engine performance but the carburetor dechoke feature will not function should a flooded starting condition exist.

The following steps should be used to verify and obtain proper linkage adjustment:
    1. Remove the air cleaner assembly.
    2. From the passenger's compartment, observe the throttle linkage with the accelerator fully depressed. The throttle lever on the carburetor should touch the throttle stop on the carburetor base. (Illus. S1142).
    3. If the throttle lever does not contact the stop, check for carpet interference and/or adjust the linkage as necessary for full throttle lever travel. Refer to the appropriate maintenance manual for further corrective details.