Article 1103 - New Equipment Items

TSB #70 - June 23, 1967

Beginning approximately June 1, 1967, the following items are made available through the Rotunda Equipment Program and are discontinued from the Special Service Tool line. Supplemental pages including these and other items have been released through Full Circle, June 2, 1967 mailing to all holders of the Rotunda Tool and Equipment Catalog. All items listed should be ordered on the Rotunda supplemental order form. No stock exists at NPD under the former numbers shown:

  • Portable Air Conditioning Charging Stations (formerly T65L-19700-A, B & C)
  • Universal Twin-Post Repair Stand (formerly T64L-6001-A & G)
  • Repair Stand Axle Adapters (formerly T66L-400S-B)
  • Universal Mounting (Adapter) Arm (formerly T64L-6001-E & F)