Article 1111 - Potential Windshield Glass Breakage Due to Outside Belt Moulding Contact

TSB #70 - June 23, 1967
(1966-1967 Fairlanes and Falcons)

A potential source of windshield breakage complaints on 1966-1967 Fairlanes and Falcons is burrs along the windshield outside belt mouldings and subsequent glass to moulding contact. This problem was corrected in production effective February 23, 1967, by inverting the center windshield outside belt moulding spacer (Part No. C60Z-6203150-A) to prevent the moulding from contacting the windshield glass.

Whenever windshield or moulding replacements are performed in service the center outside windshield belt moulding spacer should be inverted as shown in Illus. S1246 to assure that glass to moulding contact is eliminated.

Illus. S1246