Article 1258 - Proper Use of Sealer - Repair of Windshield and Backlite Water Leaks

TSB #84 - January 26, 1968
(All Car Lines - All Models)

Recently concluded field visitations indicate that some dealers are using water leak repair materials which are not recommended by the Company. The correct sealer recommended for repairing water leaks around windshields and backlites on all models with butyl or rubber weatherstrip-installed glass is Auto Glass Liquid Sealer, Part No. C5AZ-19554-A. Also, because of its flow characteristics, this sealer can also be used to seal sheet metal leaks.

Seals marketed by outside suppliers which contain silicone or polysulfide are not compatible with butyl and must not be used to seal butyl installed glass. This has a deteriorating effect on the butyl and will result in additional customer complaints. Therefore, it is recommended that Auto Glass Liquid Sealer (Part No. C5AZ-19554-A) be utilized for all windshield and backlite water leaks.