Article 1261 - Floor Carpet Damage

TSB #84 - January 26, 1968
(1968 Cortina - All Models)

Customer complaints of front carpet damage along the transmission tunnel area are attributed to an interference condition at the seat back retaining catch ("J" bracket). Excessive carpet build-up in this area results in a scuffing action when the seat back is tilted forward. This condition can also occur on vehicles equipped with reclining seats.

Corrective measures are being taken in assembly to assure that adequate clearance is maintained in this area.
Customer complaint vehicles in the field can be corrected by removing some of the padding from the underside of the carpeting on vehicles with conventional seats, or by removing the "J" bracket on vehicles equipped with reclining seats. The following procedure should be used when performing this correction:

    1. Tilt the seat back to the maximum forward position.
    2. Lift the carpet up directly above the "J" bracket and carefully cut away 1-1/2 inch of padding from the underside of the carpet as shown in Fig. 3.
    3. Apply Evostick or equivalent contact adhesive to the underside of the carpet and to the floor pan. Allow the adhesive to become tacky (approximately 5 minutes), then cement the carpet firmly to the floor pan.
    4. Check the seat to assure that no scuffing is evident.

NOTE: Since the "J" bracket is not required when reclining seats are used, the "J" bracket can be removed and discarded as follows:
    1. Remove the rear section of carpet covering the transmission tunnel.
    2. Remove the (4) pop rivets and discard the "J" bracket.
    3. Paint the affected areas in matching body color, then replace the carpet.
    4. Check to make sure that the carpet does not interfere with the seat when the reclining mechanism is operated.


Oper: SP-13000-A68
"Units Equipped With Conventional Seat"
Time; One side 0.3 hr.
Both sides 0.5 hr. Oper: SP-61704-B-68
"Units Equipped with Reclining Seat" Time: 02 hr.
NOTE: Add 0.6 hrs. if necessary to replace carpet.