Article 1971 - Speedometer System Noise - [SUPERSEDES TSB #19 ARTICLE 1866]

TSB #125 - October 24, 1969
(All Vehicles - 1969 Models)

To eliminate noise in the speedometer system, the following procedure is suggested:

1. Check the speedometer cable for visible defects such as routing, damaged or kinked conditions. Make repairs as necessary.
2. With the speedometer cable disconnected at the speedometer head, work a daub of C5AZ-19581-A lubricant approximately the size of a 3/16" diameter ball into the speedometer magnet shaft hole. Connect the speedometer at the speedometer head and road test.

If the speedometer system noise level has still not decreased to an acceptable level, follow additional procedures outlined in the car diagnostic manual number P19.

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WARRANTY STATUS: Reimbursable under the provisions of the Warranty & Policy Manual
Operation: SP-17255-A-69
Time: Ford - 0.6 Hr.; Fairlane - 0.3 Hr.; Mustang - 0.9 Hr.; Thunderbird - 0.6 Hr.