Article 1974 - Front Suspension Assembly - Removal and Install

TSB #125 - October 24, 1969
(1967, 1968, 1969 Cortina)

Revise existing procedure to conform with new procedure of removing and installing front suspension assembly. New procedure is consistent with service labor time standard effective September 19, 1969.

To remove raise front of vehicle and position stands. Remove wheel cover. Remove wheel and tire assembly. Disconnect front brake hose. Remove nut and brake hose from bracket on front suspension unit and install plugs in brake hose and brake line on caliper. Install tools No. T68P-5045 to front spring and compress spring. Remove (1) nut and washer retaining suspension shaft to upper bearing plate. Push suspension unit down and pull top of unit outboard (with the top of the suspension unit loose, it is easier to remove the (3) lower bolts at the steering control arm). Remove (3) bolts retaining suspension unit to the steering control arm and remove the suspension unit complete with hub, rotor and caliper.

To install, position the suspension unit to steering control arm, install lock tabs, retainers and (3) bolts, bend lock tabs, and position suspension shaft thru upper bearing and plate. Remove tools No. T68P-5045. Install (1) nut and washer to retain suspension shaft to upper bearing plate. Remove plugs from brake lines and connect flex line and secure at bracket. Install wheel and tire assembly. Install wheel cover. Bleed brake system. Remove stands and lower vehicle.

Operation: 5431-A
Time: As shown in Service Labor Time Standards Book, effective September 19, 1969