Article 2015 - Three Speed Manual Transmission Floating Counter Shaft (Cluster) Design-Clearance Specifications

TSB #128 - December 5, 1969
(1967/1970 Fairlane, Falcon, Mustang and Maverick Models with Six Cylinder Engines and Three Speed Transmission Models - RAN-S1, T1, Y, AL, AM, AN, AW, AW1, AV, AV1, AX, AZ, BA, BA1, BB, BB1, BC and BC1)

Do not replace a countershaft and/or case for countershaft (cluster) to case clearance.

Review of service investigation reports and claims indicate that some dealer personnel are replacing transmission countershafts (cluster) and cases due to excessive clearance at both ends of the countershaft.

If the clearance between the countershaft O.D. and the case countershaft bore I.D. is .020" at the front end and .010" at the rear, it is not excessive. This clearance is a design requirement and was released to reduce gear rattle complaints in light vehicles with 170, 200 and 250 C.I.D. engines