Article 2061 - Automatic Transmission Specifications

TSB #131 - January 16, 1970
(All Vehicles Equipped with a C4 Automatic or C4S Automatic Transmission)

This article lists the torque limits and special tools required to service the C4 automatic or C4S semi-automatic transmission. It is suggested that these specifications be inserted on page 17-02-43 of the 1970 Car Shop Manual.

TOOL-S8696-A-Vacuum Diaphragm Wrench
T50T-100-A-Impact Slide Hammer
T57L-500-A-Bench Mounted Holding Fixture
TOOL-1175-AB1175-ABGrease Seal Remover (Head Only)
T50T-100-A and
1175-AESeal Remover
TOOL-7000-DD7000DDAir Nozzle Rubber Tip Assembly
T66L-7003-B-Automatic Transmission Bushing Kit
Remover and Replacer
T70P-7D043-A-Stator Support Bushing Installer
T64P-7A128-A-Manual Valve Detent Spring
-Clutch Race to Case Bolt Socket
T58L-101-A and
7600-ESeal Remover (Head and Hammer)
T61L-7657-A7657-AATransmission Extension Housing Oil Seal Replacer
T61L-7657-B7657-BTransmission Extension Housing Oil Seal Replacer
T57P-7697-A-Transmission Extension Housing Bushing Remover
T57P-7697-B-Transmission Extension Housing Bushing Replacer
T59-77370-B7345Front Band Torque Wrench
T65L-7715-A-Rear Clutch Spring Compressor
T63L-77837-A77837-AFront Pump Seal Replacer

ITEMC4 (In.-Lbs.)C4S (In.-Lbs.)
Separator Plate to Lower Valve Body40-5540-55
Control Assembly to Case80-12080-120
Governor Body to Collector Body80-120-
Cooler Line Fittings80-120-
Detent Spring to Lower Valve Body80-12080-120
Upper Valve Body to Lower Valve Body80-12080-120
Oil Tube Connector80-12080-120
End Plates to Body20-3520-35
Inner Downshift Lever Stop40-55-
Lower to Upper Valve Body40-5540-55
Reinforcement Plate to Body40-5540-55
Screen and Lower to Upper Valve Body40-5540-55
Neutral Switch to Case 155-75-
Neutral Switch to Column 12020
Accumulator Plate to Body50-90-
___Mustang and Cougar Only___
___Falcon and Maverick Only____

ITEMC4 (Ft.-Lbs.)C4S (Ft.-Lbs.)
Converter to Flywheel23-2823-28
Converter Housing to Transmission Case28-4028-40
Front Pump to Transmission Case28-4028-40
Overrunning Clutch Race to Case13-2013-20
Oil Pan to Case12-1612-16
Rear Servo Cover to Case12-2012-20
Stator Support to Pump12-2012-20
Converter Cover to Converter Housing12-1612-26
Intermediate Servo Cover to Case16-2216-22
Diaphragm Assembly to Case15-2315-23
Neutral Start Switch Actuator Lever Bolt6-10-
Extension Assembly to Transmission Case28-4028-40
Pressure Gauge Tap9-159-15
Band Adjustment Screw Locknut to Case35-4535-45
Yoke to Output Shaft60-8060-80
Reverse Servo Piston to Rod12-2012-20
Converter Drain Plug20-302030
Manual Valve Inner Lever to Shaft30-4030-40
Downshift Lever to Shaft12-16-
Filler Tube to Engine20-2520-25
Filler Tube to Pan32-42-
Transmission to Engine40-50-
Transmission to Engine
Falcon, Maverick, Mustang 6-Cyl.
Distributor Sleeve to Case12-2012-20
Steering Column Lockrod Adjusting Nut10-20-