Article 2050 - Disc Brake Noise Correction

TSB #131 - January 16, 1970
1969 and 1970 All Carlines

Remove the outer brake shoes from the calipers and identify the shoes to assure reinstallation in the correct calipers. Do not reverse. Remove the noise arrestor clips if so equipped and discard. Thoroughly clean the outer surface of the shoes with a wire brush. Position shoe in a vise and cut two grooves in the lining as shown in Figure 2. The grooves should be 1/8" wide and cut to within 3/16" of the metal base of the shoe. Install outer shoe assemblies to their proper calipers and add fluid to the master cylinder as required. Pump the brake pedal to position the shoes before moving the vehicle.

NOTE: Rotors should not be needlessly machined in an attempt to eliminate disc brake squeal.


Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.
Operation: Supplement to standard operation #2001-A
Time: SP-2001-B-70 - 0.2 Hr.

DLR. CODING: Basic No. 2B428-A - Code No. 36