Article 2056 - Locking Steering Column Running Change

TSB #131 - January 16, 1970
(1970 Maverick)

Incorporation of a locking steering column on Maverick requires a removal and installation procedure not included in the 1970 Car Shop Manual.

The Maverick locking steering column uses the same ignition system, locking mechanism and energy absorbing features of the other 1970 car lines. The tilt column will not be offered on the Maverick.

It is suggested that the following steering column removal and installation procedure be inserted in Page 13-02-04 of the 1970 Car Shop Manual, Volume One.

    1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
    2. Disconnect the transmission rods at the steering column.
    3. Remove the two flex coupling-to-steering shaft nuts.
    4. Remove the four screw bolts retaining the toe plate to the dash panel (inside the vehicle).
    5. Disconnect all electrical connectors at the bottom of the column.
    6. Remove the upper column trim shroud at the instrument panel.
    7. Remove the three nuts securing the lower column bracket A to the brake support bracket C and upper column bracket B (Figure 5 ).
    8. Drop the column and remove it from the vehicle.

    1. Loosen the upper column bracket B so it slides freely in the slots.
    2. Loosen the toe plate cover column clamp bolt and slide the toe plate toward the steering wheel.
    3. Insert the steering column assembly through the dash panel opening to engage the steering shaft flange to the flex coupling.
    4. Raise the upper column bracket assembly over the two studs on the brake support bracket C and the one stud on the upper column bracket B (Figure 5 ). Install the nuts finger tight.
    5. Insert a 1/4-inch diameter rod between the flex coupling fabric and the shaft flange. Tighten the flex coupling nuts to 10-22 ft.-lb.
    6. Center the upper column in the instrument panel and torque the brake support bracket nuts 13-27 ft.-lb.
    7. Position the upper column bracket B flush with the extension lip on the brake support bracket C and secure the one retaining nut to the lower column bracket. Then, secure the upper column bracket B to the brake support bracket C with the two screw bolts. Torque to 13-17 ft.-lb.
    8. Push the steering column toe plate cover tightly against the dash panel and secure with the four washer screws. Torque to 5-15 ft.-lb.
    9. Check the column tube-to-steering shaft alignment. If not centered, loosen the two washer nuts at the clamp assembly and adjust if necessary. Secure the nuts to 10-22 ft.-lb.
    10. Torque the column clamp bolt to 5-15 ft.-lb.
    11. Replace the trim shrouds and connect all electrical connectors.
    12. Remove the 1/4-inch diameter rod at the flex coupling, adjust the transmission control lever rods and connect the negative battery cable.
    13. Check the column for proper operation.


PRODUCTION: November 1969