Article 2057 - Cast Iron Front Spring Shackles for Improved Durability

TSB #131 - January 16, 1970
(1966-1969 "W" Series Trucks)

When replacing worn out front spring rear shackles, use the new parts. Shackle removal is covered in the 1969 Truck Shop Manual, pages 03-02-12 and 03-02-15.

Before the cast iron shackles are installed, examine the bushings in the mount bracket and spring eye for evidence of galling and the latest part usage. If the inner diameter of the bushing is galled, spalled or is the superseded dimpled design inner surface, replace the bushing with the new part. Refer to the 1970 Preliminary Truck Shop Manual, page 03-02-020 for bushing installation and reaming.

Install shackle and pin on the mounting bracket. Rotate shackle on the pin to check for interference between the cross bar and bracket. If interference exists, remove shackle and pin and grind or file bracket to obtain clearance.

Install the new cast iron shackles using the two (2) pins, pin retaining bolts, hardened flat washers, and prevailing torque nuts. The pins are slotted on one end for lining the pin grooves with the pin retaining bolts. The outboard end of the pin is provided with a threaded hole to accommodate the lube fitting.
If the shackle pin holes do not line up with the mounting bracket or spring eye, loosen the bracket bolts and install pins, making sure the pin grooves align with the pin retaining bolts. Re-tighten the bracket bolts and torque to 150/205 ft. lbs.

Install pin retaining bolts, flat washers and prevailing torque nuts. Install the flat washers on the nut side only. Tighten the prevailing torque nuts to 31 to 42 ft. lbs.

Part NumberPart NameClassAvail.
DOHZ-5304-AShackle KitAOK