Article 2083 - Brake Pedal - Momentary Delayed Return

TSB #132 - January 30, 1970
(All L, LN, LT & LNT Series with Air Brakes - 1970 Model)

If air brake pedal return appears to be momentarily delayed after a hard quick application, check the following:

    1. Check rear axle quick release valve on service brake system — air should release freely from quick release valve upon brake release. If it does not, replace the valve.
    2. Check front brake quick release valve or combination quick release and limiting valve — mounting flange of either valve should be pointing upward on bracket. If valve is inverted, the delivery line from brake valve would possibly be installed into the exhaust port. Correct as required.
    3. Check the secondary air reservoir single check valve to parking brake system (located on rear of L.H. tank as integral part of 90° elbow) — deplete air pressure in secondary reservoir by manually operating spitter valve. If check valve is holding, the spring brakes will not apply and if check valve does not hold, the total system pressure will be depleted causing spring brakes to apply. System pressure of primary system should hold and register approximately 85 psi on air gauge if check valve is functioning properly.

WARRANTY STATUS: Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty & Policy Manual.
Time: Actual time as defined in the Warranty & Policy Manual, Introduction Section, page 5.

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