Article 2086 - Driveline Roughness Due to Incorrect Pinion Angle

TSB #132 - January 30, 1970
(1970 Mustang - Early Production with Base Suspension)

Vehicle vibration or rumble which is most pronounced at speeds of 25-35 mph during coast or during light brake applications, should be verified by test drive and then corrected as follows:

    1. Check the pinion nose angle at curb weight per the 1969 Chassis Shop Manual, Part 03-02-12. If the angle exceeds 4° on six cylinder cars or 4-3/4° on eight cylinder cars, install the shim kit as follows:
    2. Remove the "U" bolt nuts and discard.
    3. Remove the spring center bolts and discard.
    4. Install new spring center bolts and nuts and torque nuts to 15-20 lb. ft. and deform thread adjacent to nut.
    5. Place shim, thick part forward, on the spring center bolt heads.

NOTE: The tang at the thin edge of the shims must enter the hole on the rear of the axle seat, rearward of the center bolt head.

Install new "U" bolts (D0ZZ-5705-A) and nuts; torque nuts to 35-50 lb. ft.

Part Number Part NameClassAvail.
D0ZZ-5A313-ASpring Shim KitCGOK

PRODUCTION CORRECTION: Use rear springs with correct seat angle.
WARRANTY STATUS: Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty & Policy Manual.
Operation: SP-4602-A-70
Time: 0.2 Hr. to check pinion angle only - 1.6 Hrs. to install shim kit.

DLR. CODING: Code No. 24 - Basic Part No. 5560