Article 2092 - Driveline Vibration

TSB #132 - January 30, 1970
(LT 800, 8000, and LNT 8000, 900 and 9000 - 1970)

If driveline vibration is encountered on 1970 LT & LNT tandems built prior to approximately December 12, 1969, and the procedure outlined on pages 15-16-06 through 15-16-10 of the 1970 Truck Shop Manual has been applied, align and phase the drivelines as outlined below:

In 1970, all coupling shafts and drive-shafts are in phase (phase angle - 0°). Only some inter-axle shafts are installed "out of phase". This is obtained by installing slip yoke on the stub and (male spline) rotated 3 teeth (67-1/2°), 4 teeth (90°) or 5 teeth (112-1/2°) from "in plane" (in phase) position. Proper phasing is identified by arrows stamped on slip yoke and stub end. The arrows must be in line. Different part numbers (stamped on the shaft) are assigned to shafts with different phasing.

Eaton 30D 2 or 3 Speed 3 Teeth (67-1/2°)*
Eaton 34D 2 or 3 Speed 4 Teeth (90°) *
Eaton 42D5 Teeth (112-1/2°)*

* All inter-axle shafts have 16 tooth spline. All Rockwell (Timken) axles and single speed Eaton 30D, 34D and 38D are installed in "in phase" (front and rear yokes of inter-axle shaft must be in one plane).

WARRANTY STATUS: Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty & Policy Manual.
Time: Actual time as defined in the Warranty & Policy Manual, Introduction Section, page 5.

DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 4964 - Code No. 07