Article 2095 - Automatic Transmission - Accessory Oil Cooler Kit - Trailer Towing Severe Duty

TSB #32 - January 30, 1970
(All 1970 Passenger Cars and Light Truck with Ford Automatic Transmissions)

To provide additional protection against severe conditions of high ambient temperatures, loads and grades, an accessory automatic transmission oil cooler kit, C9AZ-7K177-A, Class AA has been released to reduce the possibilities of fluid expanding out of the filler tube or vent due to transmission overheating while towing.

Class I Trailers - No Including Travel Trailers
  • All Vehicles - No Change Required (Current specifications for Class I trailer towing still apply.)

Class I Trailers - Travel Trailers Only
  • Mustang, Falcon - Use Class I trailer towing package plus install Autolite-Ford accessory transmission cooler kit.
  • Fairlane, Ford, Light Truck - Use Class II or Class III trailer towing package, available thru production, plus install Autolite-Ford accessory transmission cooler kit.

Class II or Class III trailers
  • *Fairlane, Ford, Thunderbird, Light Truck - Use of Class II or Class III trailer towing package available thru production, plus installation of Autolite-Ford accessory transmission cooler kit is recommended.
*Not recommended for Class III trailer towing.

NOTE: To ensure maximum efficiency, it is mandatory that the cooler be connected to the radiator as shown on kit instructions: Out of transmission to auxiliary cooler, to radiator and return to transmission. Do not by-pass radiator transmission cooler.

Part NumberPart NameClassAvail.
C9AZ-7K177-ATransmission Auxiliary Oil Cooler KitAAOK