Article 96 - Automatic Temperature Control - Unsatisfactory Operation

TSB #9 - January 14, 1972
(1972 Thunderbird/Mark IV)

Unsatisfactory automatic temperature control operation can be caused by unwanted air being drawn into the in-car sensor through an opening behind the instrument panel, resulting in delayed system response.

If system delay exists, inspect the instrument panel in-car sensor inlet opening for an air gap and correct as outlined below and shown in Fig 4:

    1. Remove the register panel assembly above the glove box (3 screws).
    2. Cover the opening (shaded portion) shown in View A by applying body caulking over the opening as shown in View B, through the register panel opening. DO NOT SEAL THE HOLE FROM THE FINISHED SIDE OF THE INSTRUMENT PANEL. Make sure that no caulking gets into the in-car sensor.
    3. Re-install the register panel (3 screws).


Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.
OPERATION: SP-19734-A-72
TIME: 0.3 hr.
DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 19734 - Code 09