Article 98 - Camshaft Drive Belts Jumps Timing

TSB #9 - January 14, 1972
(1971 Pinto/Capri with 2000cc Engines)

A new design camshaft drive belt cover assembly. Part No. D1FZ-6019-D, is now available. The new cover provides added protection to the back area of the drive belt and prevents snow or ice build-up which may cause the camshaft drive belt to jump timing.

    1. Remove the alternator drive belt.
    2. On air conditioned equipped vehicles, remove the A/C compressor drive belt. ,
    3. Remove the fan, fan spacer, and water pump pulley.
    4. Remove the camshaft drive belt cover. Discard the cover.
    5. Remove the lower water pump to cylinder block attaching bolt. Discard the bolt.

    1. Install the new water pump bolt (supplied in kit) to the water pump and cylinder block. Torque the bolt to specifications (12-15 ft. lbs.).
    2. Assemble the plastic clip (supplied in kit) with the tong in the slot of the new drive belt cover. Install the cover on the engine with the plastic clip inserted in the groove of the new water pump attaching bolt. Torque the cover bolts to specif ications (7-9 ft. lbs.).
    NOTE: Be sure rubber grommets are in the attaching bolt holes prior to installing the cover.
    3. Install the water pump pulley, fan spacer, and fan. Torque the fan bolts to specifications(14-20 ft. lbs.).
    4. On air conditioned equipped vehicles, install the A/C compressor drive belt. Adjust the belt to specifications.
    5. Install the alternator drive belt. Adjust the belt to specifications.

D1FZ-6019-DKit — Cover AssemblyCG

Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.
TIME: 1.1 hrs.
DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 6019 - Code 49