Article 112 - Body Side Vinyl Insert Mouldings - Loose Insert

TSB #11 - February 11, 1972
(Ford/Lincoln-Mercury - All Car Lines So Equipped)

The body side moulding vinyl inserts may become loose at the ends due to lack of adhesion. To correct, cement the loose vinyl inserts ends back in place using pressure activated adhesive (D2AZ-19554-A) as outlined in the following procedure:
    1. Solvent wipe both vinyl and metal mating surfaces with naptha.
    2. Apply a thin bead of (D2AZ-19554-A) adhesive on the metal moulding surface which will mate with the loose insert.
    3. Quickly place the vinyl in contact with the treated metal surface and apply slight manual pressure upon the mated parts for 60 seconds to assure equal and effective spreading of the adhesive. The bond will attain handling strength in 60 seconds and maximum strength in 12 hours.

D2AZ-19554-APressure Activated AdhesionB

Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.
OPERATION: SP-16069-A-70
TIME: 0.3 hr. (any one moulding) 0.6 hr. (all one side) 1.0 hr. (all both sides)

DLR CODING: Basic Part No.
    16003 (Fender Moulding) - Code 33
    7020553 (Door Moulding) - Code 33
    7020938 (Quarter Moulding) - Code 33