Article 114 - Paint Peeling from Vinyl Roof Mouldings

TSB #11 - February 11, 1972
(1972 Mark IV)

The black accent paint on the mouldings at the vinyl roof (excluding the Back Window Mouldings) may peel off and appear objectionable. The following procedure should be used to correct this condition:
    1. Remove all the black paint from the affected moulding(s) with Toluol Solvent (VO 542A).
    NOTE: Toluol Solvent will damage body color coat if it contacts the paint surface.
    2. Wipe the moulding(s) dry with a clean cloth.
    3. Apply the vinyl tape in the depressed groove along the entire length of the moulding(s). Curved mouldings can be taped by allowing the fingers to warm the tape and then bending it to the moulding configuration. Tape for the "Z" moulding at the quarter window should be applied in three sections, trimming the tape to the groove as necessary.

PARTS: VO 542 A Toluol Solvent available from Autolite. 3M Pressure Sensitive Vinyl Tape 1/4" wide color black (JASAXXJ). - Available from 3M locally.
Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual
OPERATION: SP-51726-A-72
TIME: One moulding 0.3 hrs., each additional 0.2 hrs., not to exceed 0.8 hrs. for one complete side.

DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 7051726 - Code A7
70423A20 - Code A7
70423A18 - Code A7