Article 116 - Third Door Counterbalance Spring - Improved

TSB #11 - February 11, 1972
(1972 Pinto Model 64 with Third Door)

To increase third door counterbalance position(s), replace the counterbalance springs with new springs Part No. D1FZ-6442760-A, (identified with red paint mark) as shown in Fig. 2 and outlined below:
    1. Prop luggage compartment door fully open and remove the Prop Assembly (44200-1) from each side of the door.
    2. Remove one screw from each Bracket Assembly (44588-9) to release the prop assemblies from the bracket assemblies.
    3. Remove the Quarter Trim Door Prop Cover (31226) from each bracket assembly.
    4. Remove the Quarter Trim Panel (31012-3) and the Lower Back Trim Panel (40374-5).
    5. Release the Springs (42760) from the body strainers.
    6. Remove the two screws attaching each bracket assembly to the body and remove each bracket assembly with the spring attached.
    7. Install the new springs (identified with a red paint mark) to the bracket assemblies and lubricate both ends of the springs.
    8. Hook each spring onto a bracket assembly, position the spring in the body and attach each bracket assembly to the body. Then, attach the springs to the strainer slots.
    9. Reinstall the prop covers and prop arm assemblies to the brackets and the door.
    NOTE: The prop attachments to the door should be adjusted to provide 3/4" clearance between the prop pivot and the door, with the door in the closed position.
    10. Reinstall the quarter trim panel and the lower back trim panel.

D1FZ-6442760-ASpring — Third Door HingeC

Figure 2

Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.
OPERATION: SP-47260-A-72
TIME: 0.6 Hr. (Both)

DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 7042760 - Code 63