Article 118 - Water Enters A/C Blower Housing or Right Vent Assembly Through Hole in Upper Cowl

TSB #11 - February 11, 1972
(1972 Thunderbird, Torino, Montego, Mark IV)

The top locating hole for the hood bond strap on the right upper cowl panel allows water to enter the A/C blower housing or right vent assembly on vehicles equipped with standard heaters. Water accumulating in the A/C housing or vent assembly will eventually drip on the floor carpet. On vehicles equipped with air conditioning, water entering into the housing in cold weather will freeze up the blower wheel resulting in an inoperative blower.

On vehicles equipped with standard heaters, seal the top locating hole in the upper cowl as shown in View B, Fig. 3.
On vehicles equipped with air conditioning, refer to the following procedure:
    1. Turn A/C system on and check blower operation.
    2. If blower does not operate, blower wheel may be restricted with ice. A restricted blower wheel will cause the circuit breaker to open. Leave vehicle in warm garage until thawed out and re-check blower operation.
    3. Drill 1/4 inch hole in bottom of blower housing in area shown in View A, Fig. 3 to allow water to drain out. Restrict drill entry in housing to 1/2 inch to prevent possible damage to blower wheel.
    4. Seal around hood bond strap and adjacent rubber plug with black rubber cement as shown in View B, Fig. 3 (Torino and Montego) or View C, Fig. 3 (Thunderbird and Mark IV).
    5. Make sure all water is drained from blower housing and cover 1/4 inch hole in blower housing with electrical tape.

Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.
OPERATION: SP-18527-A-72
TIME: 0.3 Hr.

DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 19805 - Code 41