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Abandoned Trucks Photo Gallery

This photo gallery was just put together for the heck of it. Some of the trucks featured here were found on E-bay listings, others sent to me by FORDification forum members of their local junkyards, and others I took myself. NONE of these trucks are still available for parts, so please do not contact me asking about them! These are LONG gone and are here for mourning purposes allow us to have a moment of silence for their premature demise.

Contributed by 'ToughOldFord'  -  Taken at two different southern Calif. junkyards

'67 F100 4x4

Contributed by 'cobraf100', who got a serious case of poison ivy and poison oak getting these shots at an undisclosed Texas junkyard.

1969 Ranger SWB
The two pictures to the left are the 'before' shots...prior to a a drinking and driving incident one night. The three pics to the right show the carnage. Yes, this COULD be your truck! DON'T DRINK & DRIVE!


'68 Mercury

'70 Ranger

These are pics of trucks I've found at local junkyards or for sale locally. Most were bought and/or stripped and junked.

I bought the cab off this '68 F100, but ended
up throwing it away due to hidden rust issues.

I paid $200 for this non-running '70 Ranger. Some of it's parts will live on in my '67 project.
These are the first two trucks I parted out, about 2 weeks after purchasing my '67 project. They were owned by a friend and parked at his farm, and include '68 and '70 Rangers. (Thanks Ray!)

These F100s, a '68 and '71, had been parked for years. I got them both for $250.

'71 Camper Special

a '67 F100

This '68 F350 in a local junkyard had a lengthened frame

Not much left here that isn't beat to heck!

I found this rust-free '67 F250 Camper Special in a local impound lot and gave $350 for it.
  NOTE: I've got a few more that will be posted in the very near future.


A Santa Rosa, CA junkyard owner put his entire operation up for bids on E-bay in mid-2005. His listing had many pictures of his yard, including the following trucks:


You are here: Home Photo Galleries Abandoned Trucks Photo Gallery

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