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You are here: Home My Truck Projects My Heinz-57 '67 List
My Heinz-57 '67 List

Just for the heck of it, I've decided to make a list of all the trucks that I've parted out and what specific parts each truck is donating to my '67. Some of these trucks were purchased, brought home and parted out, others were simply in a salvage yard and stripped there, and some parts were obtained through the forums or on E-bay. Many of these salvage yard trucks were stripped of all their good parts, mainly for resale to finance my project, but I only listed the parts I was keeping for myself.

Click on the picture to see an enlarged view, click on the truck model next to the pic to take you to the webpage where I discussed that specific truck.

My original '67 F-100 SWB
Bought for $700
1968 F-100 LWB
Purchased with a friend through E-bay
hood (cut for CobraJet shaker scoop)
front bumper
door hinges
transmission crossmember
sun visors
rearview mirror
ashtray handle

Note: I also got the driver's door from this truck and was intending to use it until I found a great pair of '67 doors to use instead. This cab will be converted to a '67 by welding in the '67-only heater panel. However, I won't mess with trying to convert the ashtray mechanism to the '67-only style. It'll have a '68-style ashtray but will have the '67-only handle on it.

1968 F-100 Ranger LWB
Friend's junker - stripped in the field
1970 F-100 Ranger LWB
Friend's junker - stripped in the field
rear cargo light
Dana 60 limited-slip w/3.54:1
rear springs, shackles
rear chrome bumper and brackets
seat (until it gets replaced with later-model seat)
door glass (tinted)
Ranger trim behind dash switches
chrome door panel perimeter trim

Note: I brought this cab home to replace the rusted cab in my '67, but once it was removed and gotten home, it was found to be unusable.

1977 F-150 4WD Highboy LWB
Friend's junker
1968 F-100 LWB
local salvage yard
radiator support

Note: I also removed the galvanized inner fenderwells to use, but found others to use instead.

Note: This cab was originally purchased and removed at the salvage yard to replace the rusted cab in my '67, but once it was gotten home, it was found to be unusable, so everything was hauled off to the recyclers.

'70 F-100 LWB
found through an ad in the local paper
1968 F-100 LWB
1st of 2 found sitting along a back road
tailgate (possibly)
A/C hoses, condenser
front springs
hood latch (on radiator support)
engine stands (FE w/power steering)
driver's-side fresh-air vent

Note: I originally bought this for the engine, which I was told was a 390. Sometime on the way home it turned into a 360 instead.

rear SwingLoc mirrors
many small misc. parts (clips, screws, bolts, etc.)

Note: This was originally purchased for the 390 engine, but I found a different setup instead (the '74 listed below). This truck remains 99% intact and sets in front of my shop, being used primarily as a reference source for assembly of my '67, when I can't remember how things are supposed to go back together.

1971 F-100 LWB
2nd of 2 found sitting along a back road
1971 F-250 Camper Special
stripped at the local salvage yard
steering column
glovebox door
spare hood
R/F spring tower (rust repair)
rear mirror brackets (3-point attachment)

1967 F-100 LWB
local salvage yard
1971 F-100 LWB
local salvage yard
wiring harness
spare heater controls and dash switches
NOTE: I salvaged several parts off this truck to use on my project, but later found better versions, so everything was sold.

1979 F-150 LWB Extended Cab
friend's junker
1974 F-150 LWB
local salvage yard
radius arms
front brake hose brackets
disc brake dust shields
engine (390 c.i.d.)
transmission (C-6)
disc brake proportioning valve
brake lines (master cylinder to prop valve)
A/C compressor
glovebox door lock
steering box
brake power booster and master cylinder
brake pedal
air cleaner housing
throttle linkage rod

Parts gotten from E-bay Other misc. parts
'67-only F-600 panel
spare tire carrier
reproduction inner fender, left
steering wheel and horn ring
spare horn button (without outer ring)
black '67-only seat belts
behind-the-seat stowage compartment ('70 F-100, salvage yard)
R/F inner fender (from a forum user)
rear cargo light switch (from a forum user)
fuel tank ('68 F-100, salvage yard)
radiator fan shroud and fan ('79 F-150, salvage yard)

You are here: Home My Truck Projects My Heinz-57 '67 List

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