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You are here: Home Technical Articles and Tutorials Index
Technical Articles and Tutorials Index


Identifying 1967-1972 Ford Pickups
     A 2-page photo tutorial showing the sometimes-subtle differences in parts used on '67-'72 trucks

1967 Ford Trucks Model Year Differences
Detailing features exclusive to '67 trucks.

Finding the VIN Frame Stamp
     Did you know that in addition to the VIN tag on the driver's door, your truck's VIN can also be found stamped on the frame?

Decoding Your Truck's VIN
     Click on the year of your truck for a complete breakdown of the codes shown on your VIN tag
| 1967 | 1968 | 1969 | 1970 | 1971 | 1972 |

Ford Light-Duty Truck Production Numbers
     A compilation of production totals from two different sources

The 'Explorer Special' Explained
     All about Ford's mid-year option package

The Proper Use of Truck Bed Tradenames
     A discussion of why you should never call a Ford 'flareside' bed a 'stepside'

Exploded-View Diagrams and Schematics

Ford Truck Part Numbers Listings
     An ever-growing compilation of part numbers from the Master Parts Catalog (MPC)

How to Decipher FoMoCo Part Numbers tutorial series
   Overview (Prefix, Basic Part Number, Suffix)
   Basic Part Numbers - Regular Parts (Chassis, Engine, Electrical)
   Basic Part Numbers - Ford Truck Basic Body Parts (Exterior and Trim)
   Hardware (fasteners, clamps, grommets, etc.)
   Ford Special Service Tools

Deciphering Ford Parts Date Codes
     A guide to reading and understanding Ford date and engineering codes

Ford Truck Production - Option Statistics
     A complied listing of production numbers of various production options, as provided by multiple Marti Reports

1967 Ford Pickup Dimensions and Curb Weights
     A rundown of some critical measurements

Ford Motor Company Timeline
     A listing of important events pertaining to Ford in general

 Steering / Suspension / Brakes

How to Install Power Steering in 2WD '67-'72 Ford Pickups
     A complete tutorial on what parts you'll need and where to get them

Integral Power Steering for '67-'77 4WD Highboys
     How to mount a 2WD Saginaw PS box for use in your 4WD

Adding Power Steering to an F-100 4x4
     (under construction)

Ford/Thompson Power Steering Pump Diagnosis & Testing
     A 1969 factory technician's troubleshooting book in PDF format (28MB)

How to Install a Tilt Steering Column in a '67-'72 Ford Pickup
(under construction)

How to Shorten Your Manual-Steering Column
     A companion tutorial to the power steering tutorial above

The Manual 3-spd Steering Column Explored
     A collection of photos taken while disassembling several 3-spd columns

Shortening a 3-spd Manual-shift Steering Column
     How to properly mate a 3-spd column to a Saginaw PS box

Installing Front Disc Brakes on Your 2WD Pickup
     It's a lot easier than you might think...

Comparing '67-'79 I-beams and Spindles
     A companion guide to the disc brake tutorial above. Read this before starting your conversion!

Steering/Suspension Component Variations
     Comparison photos of some differences in parts you should be aware of

'65-'79 Ford Pickup Suspension Lowering Basics
     Some good basic information on how to lower your Twin I-beam truck and what parts are needed

Proportioning Valve 101
     A quick photo-tutorial describing the differences of some key brake components, namely the brake pressure
       differential valve, the metering valve and the proportioning valve.

How to Properly Double-Flare Brake Lines
     A quick photo-tutorial from my own project pages, helpful when fabricating replacement brake lines

Comparing Clutch/Brake Pedals and Brackets
     A photo tutorial about 'what fits what' in regards to brake pedals and pedal pivot brackets

Installing a Hydroboost Brake Setup
     A tutorial describing the installation of a factory Hydroboost setup on an early Bronco

Remanufacturing Disc Brake Spindles
     A photo tutorial showing how one forum member machined his spindles and custom-made his own kingpin bushings

Front Wheel Alignment Specifications

Ford Truck/Van Hubcap Identification and Interchange
     A guide to identifying factory pickup hubcaps

 Engine / Transmission

Ford Manual Transmission ID Guide (under construction)

Ford Automatic Transmission ID Guide
     Auto trans ID, including AOD (reprinted from Car Craft)

Ford Automatic Transmission Application Chart - 1964-1972 Trucks
     Transmission ID tag codes and applications

Ford Automatic Transmission Application Chart - 1965-1972 Cars
     Transmission ID tag codes and applications

Ford Automatic Transmission Application Chart - 1973-1979 Trucks - (at
     Transmission ID tag codes and applications

Ford Automatic Transmission Application Chart - 1973-1979 Car/Bronco - (at
     Transmission ID tag codes and applications

Lincoln/Mercury Automatic Transmission Application Chart - 1973-1979 Cars - (at
     Transmission ID tag codes and applications

1965-1972 Ford Car Engine Identification Tag Codes
     A complete listing of all Ford car engine ID tag codes as published by Ford

Ford V8 Engine Identification
     Differentiating between Ford V8 engines (with some I6 info as well)

Ford FE Engine Block Casting Numbers

Ford FE Crankshaft Casting Numbers

FE/FT Oil Pan, Dipstick & Tube Data

Comparison Photos of Engine Perches
     Photos of various engine frame mounts used when doing an engine swap

Replacing Clutch and Brake Pedal Bushings
     A good basic photo tutorial describing how to rebuild your clutch/brake pedal assembly

M5R2 5-Speed Transmission Swap Into '67-'72 F100
     Putting a late-model F150 transmission behind your small-block

NP435 4-spd transmission rebuild guide (PDF)
     This is a GM publication, but the information is applicable to the Ford transmission

Installing the Ranger Torque-Splitter Overdrive (2WD NP435)
     A very well-written tutorial on installing an aftermarket overdrive unit

4WD Transfer Case Basics
     A transfer case primer on the various models used in Ford trucks

Fuel Tank Discussion & Options
     A 2-page tutorial with information on factory and dealer add-on fuel tank setups and options for removing the in-cab tank

Ford Automatic Transmission Warning Decal Origins
     The article excerpt discusses the legal aspects and ramifications of Ford's 1970s automatic transmission slipping into Reverse from the Park position and causing personal/property damage, and the lawsuits which followed. This in turn led to Ford issuing letters and warning decals to owners of 1970-1980 Ford vehicles equipped with subject transmissions.

The Borg-Warner Overdrive Transmission Explained
     A well-written tutorial by a forum member, detailing the Borg-Warner 3-spd. overdrive transmission used by Ford

 Front/Rear Differentials

Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Ford Products
     A complete guide to decoding your Ford rearend's axle ID tag (1963 - 2001)

Front Axle Assembly Identification - Dana/Spicer Products
     Deciphering front axle tag codes for 1961-1971

Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Dana/Spicer Products
     Deciphering rear axle tag codes for 1961-1971

Welding Leaf Spring Perches
     A great guide to relocating rear leaf spring perches on your differential housing

 Interior / Electrical

How to Install a '78-'79 Factory Wiper Delay Setup
     A photo-tutorial on adding a very simple and convenient option using factory parts

Factory Wiring Diagrams
     Original factory diagrams for electrical diagnosis and troubleshooting

Factory Electrical Schematics
     Exploded-view schematics of electrical-related components.

Charging System Troubleshooting (under construction)
     Don't just randomly replace parts...find out how to troubleshoot your charging system

Fuel Tank Sending Unit Tech
     How to troubleshoot your malfunctioning fuel gauge and photos of different factory sending units

AM Radio Service Guides - (1967, 1970)
     Service info and procedures for factory AM radios from an aftermarket service manual

1967-only AM Radio Dimensions
Dimensions of the smaller one-year-only AM radio for the 1967 models

Factory Ford Pickup Seats
     A collection of images of '80s-'90s factory seats which are bolt-in swaps

Ford Bucket Seat Mounting Brackets
     CAD schematics of the special bucket seat mounting brackets

Onan Power Generators
     A complete guide to the optional underhood electrical generators

Factory Ammeter Wiring (under construction)
     Just some notes taken while researching how a Ford truck's ammeter works

Installing a Factory A/C Unit (under construction)
     Tutorial on truck A/C setups and how they're installed

Servicing Your Ford Truck's Air-Conditioning Setup
     Scanned pages from a Chilton's A/C Service Manual

Factory A/C Control Cable Hookups
Photo-tutorial showing the proper hook-up points for the factory A/C control cables

Color and Upholstery Sample Books
     A mini-tutorial about Ford's paint and fabric sample books, with links to scans of some of the inside pages

 Body / Paint

1967 Ford Trucks Model Year Differences - detailing features exclusive to '67 trucks.

Body Trim and Insignias
     A photo tutorial depicting the different exterior and interior trim and body emblems used

Ford Pickup Sheetmetal Interchange Checklist
     A good basic guide to what body parts will interchange between the '67-'72 trucks

The Great Radiator Support Swap
     ...or, How to Install a '73-'79 Radiator Support in a '67-'72

How to Completely Disassemble a Door
     Lots of close-up pictures showing the internal components of your truck's doors

Rear Sport Bumper Tech  
     Comparison pics of the '64-'72 and '73-'79 Sport bumper mounting brackets.

Polishing Aluminum Trim
     A great tutorial on shining up the brightwork on your truck

Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring
     (Companion to Polishing Aluminum Trim - A company listing by area code)

1970 Ford Truck Body Builder's Layout book
     This is the factory spec manual which shows explicit blueprints and chassis dimensions for the '70 model trucks

Chassis Comparison - '67-'72 vs. '73-'79
     Things to consider when mounting a '67-'72 truck body on a '73-'79 truck chassis

1967-1972 Ford Truck Grille PN History
     Researching the part number history of Ford trucks' grilles


You are here: Home Technical Articles and Tutorials Index

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