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Ford Truck Sheetmetal Interchange



The following checklist mainly deals with what parts among the '67-'72 range will interchange with each other. If parts from other years (or even other vehicles) will work, they are noted.

  • Cab - All '67-'72 F100 thru F350 cabs are interchangeable, though there are some minor differences between them:

    • '67 cabs have a smaller radio opening in the dash than the '68-'72 versions.

    • '67 cabs with a deluxe heater use push/pull cables for heater controls vs. the slider controls of the '68-'72. '67 cabs with the economy heater simply have one fan switch below the instrument panel, with no controls at all below the radio.

    •  1970-'72 F100 cabs have a emission control sensor (or an empty mounting hole for one) in the front driver's door pillar. All '70-'72 F-250 & F350 cabs have the empty hole with no sensor, since F250-larger trucks were exempt from emission regulations.

  • Doors  -  1967 doors have a different style of door release, armrests and vent window handle, but the doors interchange as a unit with '68-'72 trucks. Window regulators are the same between the two styles, but door release mechanisms are not. Vent window assemblies will interchange as well. '67 vent window assemblies use a different-style release handle, but all '67-'72 vent window handles will interchange. All door glass is the same for '67-'79 trucks.

  • Upper valance panel  -  There are two different versions. One fits '67-'68 and the other fits '69-'72. The early version will not work on the later trucks without modifying the hole for the hood latch receiver. The later panel WILL fit on the earlier trucks. (Click here for comparison pictures.)

  • Lower valance panel  -  '67-'69 lower valance panels have a narrower notch for the grille-mounted turn signal indicators. The '70-'72 valance panels will fit '67-'72 trucks, but the turn signal notch will be wider and will look odd when used with the existing grille. The '67-'69 valance panels will not fit '70-'72 trucks unless a '67-'69 grille is used. Also, the '70-'72 panels have two holes drilled in the turn signal indicator notch to mount the indicators, not present on the '67-'69 versions. (Click here for comparison pictures.)

  • Grille  -  All '67-'72 F100 thru F350 grilles will interchange as an assembly, though each year is cosmetically different. Grilles were available in polished aluminum or painted steel. (Click here for pictures of the various grille styles.)

    • 1970 grille shells are a one-year-only item...the '70 grille inserts are too narrow to fit into the '71-'72 shells. The '71-'72 grille shells and inserts will interchange with each other.

    • There are two styles of headlight doors: '67-'69 and '70-'72. The two styles are not interchangeable.

    • You'll need to use a lower valance panel that matches the year of the grille. See 'Lower valance panel' above.

  • Radiator core support  -  All '67-'72 F100 thru F350 core supports are physically interchangeable, but there are differences:

    • Core supports for trucks originally equipped with a 6-cylinder engine have a smaller radiator opening vs. the V8 trucks. A 6-cylinder core support can be modified to fit a V8 radiator.

    • 4WD truck radiator supports are slightly different from 2WD versions. They have radiator mounting brackets which offset the radiator from the support by about 3 inches, whereas the 2WD trucks' radiators mount directly to the support. They are interchangeable, provided a matching radiator is used with each style.

    • '73-'79 F100 thru F350 core supports are cosmetically different but will physically fit. Several holes will need to be drilled to mount the '67-'72 grille mounting brackets. F600 supports can also be made to work with a little additional work. Click here for more info.

  • Inner fenderwells  -  All '67-'72 F100 thru F350 inner fenderwells will interchange. However, the inner fenderwells of 2WD trucks have a longer skirt than those of the 4WD trucks, but they can be trimmed to fit 2WD trucks. The left-side fenderwell on trucks equipped with an Onan generator are notched for the generator set-up.

    • '73-'79 inner fenderwells can be made to fit, but require some tweaking. You'll need the matching hood hinges and firewall brackets (which are narrower than the '67-'72 brackets).

  • Fenders  -  All '67-'72 F100 thru F350 fenders are identical, with one minor exception. '67-'69 fenders had three mounting holes along the leading edge to mount the grille assembly. '70-'72 fenders are missing one hole, due to the shorter grille assembly used.  Therefore, one additional hole will need to be drilled when using '70-'72 fenders with a '67-'69 grille assembly.
         Depending on the trim level there might be holes drilled along the beltline for the stainless trim's mounting clips. See Body Trim and Insignias for more information about various trim styles.

  • Cargo Box  -  There were several styles of boxes (beds) in the '67-'72 era. Boxes of different styles but similar lengths are a bolt-on interchange. See Body Trim and Insignias for more information about various tailgate trim styles.

  • Cargo Box, Styleside  -  Styleside boxes were available in 6-foot and 8-foot lengths. The rear side extensions on the '70-'72 boxes were modified to incorporate running lights which the '67-'69 boxes don't have. All boxes were available with a tool stowage compartment with hinged door in front of the right-rear wheelwell. '67-'69 trucks equipped with the 25-gallon auxiliary fuel tank had a filler tube hole above the beltline, whereas similarly-equipped '70-'72 trucks had the filler tube hole below the beltline. All styleside tailgates are identical and will interchange. '73-'79 tailgates will physically bolt on and be functional, but the body lines do not match up and it just looks odd.

  • Cargo Box, Flareside  -  '67-'72 trucks could get a flareside box in 6-foot, 8-foot and 9-foot lengths. Trucks with 9-foot boxes have a longer wheelbase so the box will not fit on a standard 8-foot chassis. Flareside boxes are the same from '53 thru '72 and all components (tailgates, fenders, etc.) are interchangeable. The left-side fender of some flareside boxes are notched for mounting of the spare tire.
         '73-'79 truck frames were wider from the cab rearward, so the mounting points for these boxes won't line up with '67-'72 trucks, but can be modified to fit the frame...however, the boxes were also several inches longer, and using them on a '67-'72 truck will not allow the rear wheel to be centered in the wheelwell. Flareside boxes were only available in 8-ft lengths from '73-'75, but a 6-foot flareside box was added in '76.

  •  Bumper, Front -  All '67-'77 F100 thru F350 factory front bumpers will interchange. However, due to differences in the front frame horns of 4WD trucks, they require special mounting brackets. '78-'79 front bumpers will bolt up but are cosmetically different.

  • Bumper, Rear -  Flareside trucks had only one style of rear bumper/brackets, which is different from the styleside truck's. Styleside step bumpers were available in many different styles, so mounting brackets will differ. '73-'79 trucks (except factory Highboys and F350s) have a wider rear framerail spacing, so rear bumpers will not interchange with '67-'72 without modifications to the later model's mounting brackets (or adding spacers between the bumper brackets and frame).


You are here: Home Tech Articles & Tutorials  Body & Paint Ford Truck Sheetmetal Interchange

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