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The Factory Literature Library
Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) Database (under construction)

Ford Truck Safety Recalls (Light-Duty 1967-1979)
Ford Truck Part Numbers
Technical Articles and Tutorials
VIN Data
Finding Your VIN
Decoding Your VIN Tag - 1967
Decoding Your VIN Tag - 1968
Decoding Your VIN Tag - 1969
Decoding Your VIN Tag - 1970
Decoding Your VIN Tag - 1971
Decoding Your VIN Tag - 1972
Identifying 1967-1972 Ford Pickups
Page 1
Page 2
1967 Ford Trucks Model Year Differences
Ford Light-Duty Truck Production Numbers
The 'Explorer Special' Explained
The Proper Use of Truck Bed Tradenames
How to Decipher FoMoCo Parts Numbers
Overview (Prefix, Basic Part Number, Suffix)
Basic Part Numbers - Regular Parts (Chassis, Engine, Electrical)
Basic Part Numbers - Ford Truck Basic Body Parts (Exterior and Trim)
Hardware (fasteners, clamps, grommets, etc.)
Ford Special Service Tools
Deciphering Ford Parts Date Codes
1967 Ford Pickup Dimensions and Curb Weights
Ford Truck Production - Option Statistics (from Marti Reports)
Ford Motor Company Timeline
Steering / Suspension / Brakes
How to Install Power Steering in '67-'72 2WD Pickups
Integral Power Steering for '67-'77 Highboys
How to Install a Tilt Steering Column (under construction)
How to Shorten Your Manual-Steering Column
The Manual 3-speed Steering Column Explored
Ford/Thompson Power Steering Pump Diagnosis & Testing (PDF)
Shortening a Manual 3-speed Steering Column
Installing Disc Brakes on Your 2WD Pickup
Comparing '67-'79 I-Beams and Spindles
Steering/Suspension Component Variations
'65-'79 Ford Pickup Suspension Lowering Basics
Proportioning Valves 101
How to Properly Double-Flare Brake Lines
Comparing Clutch/Brake Pedal Brackets
Installing a Hydroboost Power Brake Setup
Remanufacturing Disc Brake Spindles
Front Wheel Alignment Specifications
Ford Truck/Van Hubcap Identification and Interchange
Engine / Transmission
Ford Manual Transmission ID Guide (under construction)
Ford Automatic Transmission ID Guide
Ford Automatic Transmission Application Charts
1964-1972 Trucks
1965-1972 Cars
1973-1979 Trucks (at
1973-1979 Cars (at
1965-1972 Ford Car Engine Identification Tag Codes
Ford V8 Engine Identification
Ford FE Engine Block Casting Numbers
Ford FE Crankshaft Casting Numbers
FE/FT Oil Pan, Dipstick & Tube Data
Comparison Photos of Engine Perches
Replacing Clutch and Brake Pedal Bushings
M5R2 5-Speed Transmission Swap into a '67-'72 Ford Truck
Installing the Ranger Torque-Splitter Overdrive (2WD NP435)
4WD Transfer Case Basics
Fuel Tank Discussion and Options
The Borg-Warner Overdrive Transmission Explained
Ford Automatic Transmission Warning Decal Origins
Factory Auxiliary Fuel Tank Mounting Photos
Front / Rear Differentials
Rear Axle Identification - Ford Products
Front Axle Identification - Dana/Spicer Products (1961-1971)
Rear Axle Identification - Dana/Spicer Products (1961-1971)
Welding Leaf Spring Perches
Interior / Electrical
Ford Truck Wiring Diagrams and Schematics
How to Install a '78-'79 Truck Intermittent Wiper Setup
Charging System Troubleshooting (under construction)
Fuel Tank Sending Unit Tech
AM Radio Service Guides (1967, 1970)
Factory Ford Pickup Seats
Ford Pickup Bucket Seat Mounting Brackets
Onan Power Generators
Factory Ammeter Wiring (under construction)
Servicing Your Truck's Air Conditioning Setup
Installing a Factory A/C Unit
Factory A/C Control Cable Hookups
Ford Color and Upholstery books
Body / Paint
1967 Ford Trucks Model Year Differences
Body Trim and Insignias
Lower Body Trim Part Numbers
Ford Truck Sheetmetal Interchange Checklist
The Great Radiator Support Swap
How to Completely Disassemble a Door
Polishing Aluminum Trim
Electroplating, Plating, Polishing, Anodizing, and Coloring
1970 Ford Truck Body Builders Layout Book
1967-1972 Ford Truck Grille PN History
Chassis Comparison - '67-'72 vs. '73-'79
Diagrams & Schematics
Section A - Front/Rear Axle Assemblies and Suspension
Section B - Brake Assemblies and Related Components
Section C - Steering Components
Section D - Frame, Body and Related Components
Section E - Engine
Section F - Heating, Cooling, Air-Conditioning
Section G - Drivetrain
Section H - Wiring Diagrams
Section I - Wiring and Electrical
My Personal Truck Projects
1967 F-100 2WD SWB
My Heinz-57 '67 List
1969 F-100 4WD SWB Choptop
FORDification Events
FORDification & Friends in the Ozarks 2017 (coming soon)
FORDification & Friends in the Ozarks 2015 (coming soon)
FORDification & Friends in the Ozarks 2014
FORDification & Friends in the Ozarks 2013 (coming soon)
PNW Meet & Greet - February 19, 2005
PNW Meet & Greet - March 13, 2005
PNW Portland OR. Swap Meet - April 3, 2005
2005 F100 SuperNationals Gallery - May 11-13, 2005
Texas Meet & Greet - 6-11-05
PNW Meet & Greet - September 11, 2005
2006 F100 SuperNationals Gallery - May 18-20, 2006
Midwest Meet & Greet - 4-15-07
Rod & Custom Americruise 2007 (Lincoln, NE) - June 29 thru July 1
Last Fling 'Til Spring Car Show (West Point, NE) - Sept. 19, 2010
Photo Galleries
1967 Assembly Plant Paint Booth Gallery
Abandoned Trucks Photo Gallery
Ford Pickup Seat Pictures
Forum Reference Photo Gallery
Factory Auxiliary Fuel Tank Mounting Photos
1970 Ford F-100 Explorer - 358 original miles! (from E-bay listing)
1971 Ford F-100 Custom Photo Gallery (less than 17K original miles!)
Discussion Forums
How to Create Your Own Forum Avatar
Links and Resources
'67-'72 Trucks in the Movies

Site Index Information

This Site Index includes links to every page at, with the exception of all the individual items included in the Factory Literature Library and my personal project pages. Because of the large number of items in these section, including them all here would have made this a very large list.

As pages are added to the site, they will be linked to from here, so this is always the fastest way of finding what you need. Newest additions to the site will always be announced on the site's front index page.

I would also like to encourage you to join the FORDification forums. It will allow you to be a member of a fast-growing community of truck owners, where you can discuss technical issues, buy/sell parts or just hang out with a very close-knit group who share similar interests.

If you'd like to contribute a technical article, please contact me.


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