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You are here: Home Tech Articles & Tutorials Steering / Suspension / Brakes
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Technical Articles - Steering / Suspension / Brakes
How to Install Power Steering in 2WD '67-'72 Ford Pickups
     A complete tutorial on what parts you'll need and where to get them

Integral Power Steering for '67-'77 4WD Highboys
     How to mount a 2WD Saginaw PS box for use in your 4WD

Adding Power Steering to an F-100 4x4
     (under construction)

Ford/Thompson Power Steering Pump Diagnosis & Testing
     A 1969 factory technician's troubleshooting book in PDF format (28MB)

How to Install a Tilt Steering Column in a '67-'72 Ford Pickup
(under construction)

How to Shorten Your Manual-Steering Column
     A companion tutorial to the power steering tutorial above

The Manual 3-spd Steering Column Explored
     A collection of photos taken while disassembling several 3-spd columns

Shortening a 3-spd Manual-shift Steering Column
     How to properly mate a 3-spd column to a Saginaw PS box

Installing Front Disc Brakes on Your 2WD Pickup
     It's a lot easier than you might think...

Comparing '67-'79 I-beams and Spindles
     A companion guide to the disc brake tutorial above. Read this before starting your conversion!

Steering/Suspension Component Variations
     Comparison photos of some differences in parts you should be aware of

'65-'79 Ford Pickup Suspension Lowering Basics
     Some good basic information on how to lower your Twin I-beam truck and what parts are needed

Proportioning Valve 101
     A quick photo-tutorial describing the differences of some key brake components, namely the brake pressure
       differential valve, the metering valve and the proportioning valve.

How to Properly Double-Flare Brake Lines
     A quick photo-tutorial from my own project pages, helpful when fabricating replacement brake lines

Comparing Clutch/Brake Pedals and Brackets
     A photo tutorial about 'what fits what' in regards to brake pedals and pedal pivot brackets

Installing a Hydroboost Brake Setup
     A tutorial describing the installation of a factory Hydroboost setup on an early Bronco

Remanufacturing Disc Brake Spindles
     A photo tutorial showing how one forum member machined his spindles and custom-made his own kingpin bushings

Front Wheel Alignment Specifications

Ford Truck/Van Hubcap Identification and Interchange
     A guide to identifying factory pickup hubcaps


You are here: Home Tech Articles & Tutorials Steering / Suspension / Brakes

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