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Last Fling 'Til Spring Car Show 2010
West Point, NE - Sept. 19, 2010


All pictures by Keith Dickson

The Road Gems Car Club of West Point, Nebraska sponsors a huge car show every September called 'The Last Fling 'Til Spring'. It lays claim to being the largest one-day car show in the midwest, hosting between 600-700 cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors and whatever else shows up. (In fact, many years ago I did the initial website design for and then continued to maintain the site for many more years as the webmaster and official club photographer, until a couple years ago when I had to resign, because my life has simply gotten busy enough that I no longer had the time to give the site the attention it deserved.)

There were four bumpside ('67-'72) Ford pickups in attendance this year, and oddly enough there wasn't a single 'Slick' ('63-'66) or 'Dentside' ('73-'79).


This '69 F100 SWB pickup is owned by Eduardo from S. Sioux City, NE. He came up for the show just as a spectator, but when I saw him driving this truck I flagged him down and got him to park for a few minutes for these pictures. I was told that most of the custom work you see was done before he got the truck, but he's added a few touches himself to "finish" it. This F100 is powered by a healthy-sounding late-model 302 and features custom 18" rims.


The in-cab fuel tank has been replaced by an under-bed tank, with the fuel filler tube coming out inside the bed in the left fenderwell.

I gave him a business card and invited him to the site and forums.

Cody Burt of Omaha, NE owns this '67 F250 highboy, although it appears he's replaced enough original parts with '68/'69 pieces that there are virtually no '67 parts left. I was unable to find him to get more information on this truck. The bed seams have been filled in and the in-cab fuel tank replaced with an under-bed unit which sets below the frame, with a filler door grafted into the left bedside.

Allan Risor of Wisner, NE has been a regular at the car show for the past 4-5 years with his '67 F100 project, but this year might be his last. When I asked him about the 'For Sale' sign in the window, he told me that his health (and his wife) have dictated that he sell the truck. And while he's still remaining in the Ford camp, having purchased a newer late-model Ford pickup, he says that it's not the same thing. "Getting into this truck is like slipping into a comfortable pair of jeans", he says. "I'm going to miss all the looks I get from the kids, and the other truckers."

This beautiful '71 F100 belongs to Troy Donnelly of Auburn, NE. He and his wife make the 110-mile trip to the show for the first time, and says it's the farthest he's taken the truck since inheriting it from his late father, who passed away several years ago. His father purchased this truck new and had done a few custom touches on his own (like the JC Whitney bucket seats), but after his passing, Troy decided to continue his father's work. Some of the custom touches include removing the in-cab fuel tank and replacing it with an under-bed fuel cell and frenching the radio antenna into the cab pillar where the tank filler neck once resided. Inside the bed he fabricated some custom side panels and then covered everything in matching blue carpet. He says that lowering the truck 2"-3" front and back are next on the list of mods, as well as upgrading the 390's stock intake and 2-barrel carburetor with an aluminum intake and Edelbrock carb.

One of the highlights of this year's show was the appearance of Dennis Gage of "My Classic Car". He was doing a feature story on the car show for an upcoming episode, to be aired sometime in January 2011. He's shown in these pictures interviewing a show participant. (He's the one in the blue/white jacket and signature handlebar mustache.)

(Right after taking these shots, I just happened to "accidentally" stroll through the background while the interview was being done, so if you happen to catch this episode and see a tall guy with a dark blue hooded jacket walk by...that's me!)


You are here: Home FORDification 'Meet & Greets' and Other Shows Last Fling 'Til Spring 2010

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