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Forum Reference Photo Gallery

NOTE: The photos shown on this page are thumbnail versions of reference photos used for visual purposes in posts at the forums  and are loosely grouped by subject. A majority of these photos are not found elsewhere on the website, though some are and but are included here because of their content. I will occasionally be updating this page with additional photos, so check back periodically.

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  • Identifying 1967-1972 Ford Pickups - Page 1 - Page 2

  • Body Trim & Insignias

Trucks  -  1967-1972

9-ft bed

9-ft bed

9-ft bed

custom wood

flareside vs. styleside


Trucks  -  1973-1979

'73 Super Camper Special 01

'74 Super Camper Special

heater controls with built-in auxiliary fuel tank switch

LMC headliner kit

'75 F600 6-door

throttle linkage rod

tilt column turn signal switch

1973 F100 dashpad
(won't fit '67-'72)


Body & Chassis

crewcab with
beltline trim

drip-rail rust

'67-'72 rear chrome bumper brackets

'67-'72 vs.
'73-'79 tailgate

'70 woodgrain tailgate panel from backside

'67-only door release mechanism

early-'68 vs. late-'68 hood support bracket

'67-only vs. '68-'72 doors

'68 grille closeup

'67-'69 auxiliary fuel tank filler neck hole dimensions (in bed) 01

'67-'69 auxiliary fuel tank filler neck hole dimensions (in bed) 02

T-bird back lights vs. pickup cargo light

cargo light hole dimensions

cargo light hole

'67 vs. '68-up cowl lacing mounting holes

'68 cowl-mounted VIN tag

factory trailer hitch, used with chrome rear bumper

4x4 front bumper bracket

factory hood hinge color

factory underhood light 01

factory underhood light 02

'71 - '73 - '79 hood comparison

LMC rear cab mounts vs. factory

'67 vs. '70 window regulators

factory underbed spare tire carrier

typical step bumper mounting brackets

front swaybar and brackets

tailgate panel retaining screws and/or rivets

removable transmission hump mounting

factory simulated vinyl roof (not actual vinyl)

front swaybar bracket

firewall markings
'68 F100 Ranger

'70 F250 factory (?)rear sway bar

in-cab fuel tank with evap. controls

factory charcoal

Differences in bed size between a SWB and a LWB

The two styles of factory tailgate hinges

'67 vs. '68-'72 cowl lacing mounting holes


Interior & Electrical

heater control cable attachments

'67 truck with '73-up seatbelt retractors

'72 XLT carpeted firewall cover

'70 bucket seats from factory brochure

'68-up F600 instrument panel

'67-only vs. '68-up F600 instrument panel

Ranger vs. Ranger XLT glovebox emblems

fuel tank cover with factory bucket seats

auxiliary tank switch for choosing which tank to read fuel level from

fuel tank selector switch

non-tint vs. factory-tinted windows

factory bucket seats and brackets

'71-'72 AM/FM radio 01

AM/FM speaker wiring

'71-'72 AM/FM radio 03

Ranger XLT vanity panel

'71-'72 AM/FM radio 02

factory hi-lo horns

IPVR (instrument panel voltage regulator)

glovebox door spring & keeper

horn relay

'70 F100 headliner pads

factory remote rearview mirror L/S (scan from factory brochure)

standard heater blower motor resistor

diagram of shunt, as used by factory ammeter

V8 vs. I6 gas pedal assemblies

V8 vs. I6 gas pedal assemblies

'72 factory 3-pt belts
Dodge pickup with 3-point belts, easily adaptable to the '67-'72 Ford trucks

Add this jumper wire to your headlight switch harness to allow  a  '67-'69 truck's parking lights to remain on when the headlights are on.

Ford truck electrical
wire ID chart

'67-mid '71 vs. mid-'71-'72 shoulder belt mount location



incorrect oil filter housing (car type) when used in a truck

390 heat riser 01

390 heat riser 02

T-85 overdrive

Ford 9" rearend bearing flange differences

top: '69 Torino air filter assembly. bottom: '72 F250 FE air filter assembly

Ford vs. Dana rearend ID tag locations

coolant and A/C
line routing

1-piece SWB driveshaft

FE exhaust manifold bolts/nuts to replace factory bolts

FE 4x4 rear-sump oil pan and pickup

FT full-sump oil pan and pickup

fuel tank float with anti-rattle rubber

oil bath air filter assy.

non-factory L/S exhaust pipe routing with factory 25-gal. in-frame aux. fuel tank

factory 25-gal. auxiliary fuel tank sending units 01

factory 25-gal. auxiliary fuel tank sending units 02

throttle linkage (trapeze)

factory FE throttle linkage

Carrier bearing mounting bracket, used only with 2-piece driveshafts on LWB trucks



'71 with '72 suspension factory bulletin

'68 vs. '79 tie rod ends

'68 F100 w/factory overload spring

'68 FE power steering cooler

power brake booster vacuum line routing

power brake booster vacuum source
power brake booster check valve

'68 F100 LWB e-brake cable extensions

dual vs. single diaphragm power brake booster

'68 7" power brake booster

'67 vs. '68 manual transmission clutch/brake pedal assy.

drum brake pressure
differential valve

drum brake pressure differential valve vs. '73-'77 disc brake proportioning valve

drum brake pressure differential valve diagram

F350 factory front swaybar (between radius arms)


Steering Column

turn signal switch

turn signal cam

'67-'70 vs. 71-'72 steering shaft ends

'67-'70 horn button details

3-spd manual column 01

3-spd manual column 02

2WD steering column flange and lower bearing

steering column shaft flange

removing steering column shaft collar

turn signal canceller on bottom of steering wheel

steering coupler
(a.k.a. 'rag joint')

'67-'69 vs. '70-'72 steering column wiring harness connectors


Air Conditioning
firewall holes for factory A/C setup ('68 Ranger)

'71 factory A/C

upright A/C compressor w/support braces

Photos of the factory A/C setup on a '70 Ford F100 FE


Expansion valve

typical A/C system




Tools & Equipment

breathing apparatus

ball joint separator (can also be used to separate tie rods)

drum brake bleeder valve wrench

canister-style compressed air water separator

home-built gantry

tie rod separator

You are here: Home Photo Galleries Forum Reference Photo Gallery

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