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Air Conditioner Kits


NOTE: Items listed here specifically pertain to '67-'72 Ford F100/350 trucks, but may have other applications (other Ford car/van/truck models) that are not included.

All part numbers and specifications are as reported in the 1964-1972 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog 1975 Final Issue unless otherwise noted.

 Body Codes:
 Cab Parts
81 - Conventional cab
  84 - Cowl
  85 - Cowl/Windshield
 Behind Cab Parts
83 - Flareside box
  86 - Platform/Rack
  99 - Styleside box

19B968, 9 - Air Conditioner Kits

Year Model CYL. C.I.D Description Part Number
'69-'71 F100/250 exc. 4x2 w/dual r/wheels or 4x4 '69-'70 6 240, 300 Engine component kit C9TZ-19B969-A
w/ P/S - pulley C7AZ-3A733-A
w/ P/S - Belt - P/S pump C9PZ-8620-AN
For X/C - Shroud C8TZ-8146-K
For X/C - Fan C6MY-8600-B
For X/C - Spacer C4AZ-8546-F
For X/C - Bolt, hex. head 300891-S2
For X/C - Screw 55914-S2
For X/C - Spring nut 373530-S2
For X/C - Flat washer 44719-S7
'69-'71 8 302 Engine component kit C9TZ-19B969-C
For X/C - Fan D0TZ-8600-D
w/o P.S.
8 302 Adapter kit D0AZ-19B969-E
'68-'72 F100/250   6 & 8 All Bezel for Deluxe hang-on
(Includes controls and ducts)
6 & 8 All Bezel for Economy hang-on
(Includes controls and ducts)
6 & 8 All Bezel adapter for Economy hang-on D2AZ-19C872-B
6 & 8 All Compressor kit D2AZ-19703-B
6 & 8 All Condenser kit D2AZ-19708-A
w/o P.S. 6 240 Drive kit - w/single groove c/shaft pulley D2AZ-19B969-D
6 240, 300 Drive kit - w/double groove c/shaft pulley D2AZ-19B969-A
Spacer C9TZ-8546-A
Screw & washer - 5-16"-24 x 2 3/4" 379206-S2
Nut - 3/8"-16 hex. head 33771-S4
Bolt - 5/16"-18 x 2 1/2" 45520-S7
  8 302 Drive kit D2AZ-19B969-C
For X/C - Fan D0TZ-8600-D
For X/C - Spacer C4AZ-8546-F
For X/C - Bolt - 5/16"-24 x 3 1/4"
  8 360, 390 Drive kit D2TZ-19B969-A
  6 & 8 All Evaporator kit D2AZ-19B968-A


Symbol (in the text listings or exploded-view diagram) indicates part is not supplied for service due to the following:
  a. Part is superseded and replaced as indicated in the description column of text
b. Part can be improvised as indicated in the description column of text
c. Due to it's function there would be little or no demand

You are here: Home Part Numbers Index Page

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